Saturday, January 29, 2011

Winter Streaming Season: Thoughts, part 1

Moe. Moemoemoemoemoemoemoemoemoe. Momomomoe. Moe! Mo-ay. Moe? Moe.

For a long while, this has been what the otaku discussion has looked like. Mountains of cute little ones with voluptuous proportions to match the eye size have been dangling around this gorgeous medium far too long, and if the new shows on Crunchyroll and Funimation are any proof, it's over. Not to say that moe has gone away for good, as two purely moe shows, Dragon Crisis! and Kore Wa Zombie Deasu Ka?, are present this season, but the two shows are of two completely different schools of moe (Dragon: let's pander! Zombie: Let's be absolutely out of our freaking minds!), and let's face it, only two shows is certainly proof that american otaku are fed up with the identical harems of the past few years, and may want to return to the quality of the good ol' days- and the crap as well.

Rio - Rainbow Gate!

Rainbow Groan

Let's start with exhibit A: Rio- Rainbow Gate! Rio is a pandering fanservice show based on a slot machine mascot about a popular casino dealer named Rio whose very presence makes everyone win, and yet is somehow still employed, and her adventures at the Howard Resort a.k.a. revealing outfit land using her magic gambling powers (her skill at cheating) to beat bad guy gambler dudes who like teddy bears. OK what the heck. However, it should be noted that both the animation and the fanservice are well done; every breast has a certain shimmer to their surface, and they bounce in real time. Also, to see some adults, that is, non-four year olds, getting time in a fanservice show must indicate a positive trend in otaku intrests, if a minor one. Not that this makes the show any good. Now, here's what the commenters on Crunchyroll had to say:

what the f@#$

wait.......the owner likes a dealer that gives their customers luck? Isnt that a little backwards? LOL
8:52 Oh, no. It's Michael Jackson. 14:16 Hollywood actresses who speak Japanese? 18:04 I have no idea what's going on. In conclusion, I find this boring.

Cardfight!! Vanguard

Rio is not the only returning favorite in this year's set of bad anime types. We also have the commercial tie-in, the show made to sell the newest Yu Gi Oh or Pokemon type card game. Most of these shows are stinkers, but none have been so actively awful and forgettable as Cardfight!! Vanguard. I already had a sinking suspicion this show would be abysmal when I saw the grotesquely bland character designs, and the feeling only grew as I progressed through the first episode. It would be unfair to blame this show for being another card game show, so lets compare it to ones of its kin that came before it. Looking at just about any card show, be it Pokemon, Yu Gi Oh, Beyblade, or even Hikaru no Go (that one's based on an ancient chess-like board game but still) you will notice that whether the series was good, bad, or in between, they had an adventure, or at the very least a story. There was some fantastical element, and the heros could be related to. Not this one. They are just playing cards. Nothing else. THEY ARE JUST PLAYING CARDS. Apparently they "visualize" the game, or somthing, but they barely show (or animate) that at all! And the show is not going for realism like Hikaru no Go ended up doing, seeing as VANGUARD IS TAUGHT IN SCHOOLS ACCORDING TO THIS SHOW! Now, here's what the commenters on Crunchyroll had to say:

Unfortunately, the game this show is centered upon does have monsters whose attacks are really just math problems which is a big turn-off to me. Although, judging from this episode and the first episode of Bakugan, Vanguard is better.
Im sorry..I called it lame on the intro video...its much worse..come on..I couldnt last 4 minutes...a hobbit main charater..they made an alt shorter then yug..I mean the main character..a chic..god so sad..last moment I waste on this
(smacks head against the wall repeatedly)
Next Time: stuff that doesn't suck!

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