Sunday, May 29, 2011

Upcoming Posts for the Month of June

What a crazy month May was. TCAF happened, I posted the Color of Earth review I'd been working on for ages, the Cross Game MMF, the streaming season (good god, the moe!)... But June will be a much more mellow month. As summer begins, so does the time to chill here at Cat Demon Spirits. So kick back, relax, have some watermelon, and watch the big robots kick the stuffing out of aliens.

6/4: NO POST

6/5: NO POST

6/11: NO POST

6/12: Some link-blogging.

6/18: NO POST

6/19: A list.

6/25: Shocking news!

6/26: July Posts.
"Why Are There So Many Cat Demon Spirits!?"

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