Sunday, June 26, 2011

Upcoming Posts for the Month of July

WOW! Last month was so epic, right? Some really thought provoking writing here! OK, now that the sarcasm's done, let's take a look at what (hopefully) be seeing on this blog in the month of July:


7/3: A look at Gen, the new online magazine publishing manga from the underground Doujinshi market's best talent in english.

7/9: A list of license requests directed at Vertical Inc. 

7/10: Summer anime season, Part 1 of 2. (Note: Second review cancelled due to personal lack of interest in summer anime)

7/16: Review of Evangelion 1.11, the beginning of the Rebuild of Evangelion trilogy.

7/17:  NO POST

7/23: Review of Peepo Choo, Felipe Smith's metaphorical middle finger to both Japan and America

7/24:  NO POST

7/30: NO POST

7/31: August posts.
"Even I don't know why there are so many Cat Demon Spirits..."

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