Sunday, February 13, 2011

Zyword of the Week episode 6: Narutoriginality

That's a lot of dudes.
I like Naruto, okay? It's very well written. I even enjoy the "Shippuden" arc, even though it's obvious that the series has lost steam at this point. But you know what I don't like about Naruto? How everyone seems to think it is the most original series ever. Because it isn't.

For example, take the nine-tailed fox demon. Wow! That's so random! Nothing like this has ever been done before... oh, wait.

That's right, nine-tails there is a classic part of japanese mythology. It's appearance in manga is about as unique as space aliens in american comics. You see, Naruto is riddled with age old cliches like swiss cheese is riddled with holes. I do not enjoy Naruto for it's originality, but for the strong writing, alike to the way Super Hero fans enjoy a comic book by Brian Michael Bendis. It's not for the new stuff, but for the old feeling new again. Because of this, I hope Naruto ends soon, because it's getting old again, making it lose the point.

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