Friday, October 15, 2010

Encounter: Geeks According to Nerds

It was a couple of months ago at a certain party at a certain chinese restaurant that I encountered The Geek. The Geek had a worried, fretful expression that seemed to be the only face he ever wore. Suddenly, The Geek looked to me and mumbled, "Do you read Manga?" in a tone normally reserved for questions of sexual orientation. "Yes," I responded, "I read lots of Manga," for I do. The Geek's face suddenly lit up, but not very much as that would distill his fretful expression that had obviously taken years to perfect. He asked me, "Do you read Naruto?"I had to think for a second; should I tell him of how I prefer the original manga over the anime, or how I was kind of getting sick of the endless volumes? How Kakashi is the only character who really holds my interest anymore, and how he now has but a minor role? All I say to him, however is, "Yeah." The Geek's aforementioned fretful demeanor suddenly vanished, replaced by a warm smile, suggesting many joys and sorrows shared only with the boy ninja as he said in a melancholy tone "It's so good." But the somber grin was gone as suddenly as it had came, as he asked me, "Do you watch Death Note?" I did not, but his preference of the series would bring me to read all 12 volumes, and then regret reading all 12 volumes, but I do not know the future, nor am I a Shinigami who might know something about the series, so I, on that day a couple of months ago at a certain party at a certain chinese restaurant with The Geek asking me about Death Note, I said "No." The Geek continued to question me as an interrogator would question a suspect, and now asked me if I was a regular viewer of Family Guy. "No,  but I've watched an episode or two before," I exclaimed. The Geek seemed unaware of the "No" part and asked me, "Do you know Stewie?" Of course I did. He then proceeded to mumble out an entire episode of the show (something about Stewie, time travel, and a Chinese guy who says something silly) as if discussing the bible, and remarked, "Isn't that funny..." And then our food was served so The Geek and I began to eat at a certain chinese restaurant at a certain party a few months ago.

It was an encounter.

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