Saturday, October 23, 2010

Good News/Bad News

Good News
As some may know, I am a huge fan of the ex-doujinshi artist group CLAMP's Shoujo masterpiece Cardcaptor Sakura. It has everything that I want to see in a Shoujo series; There was no attempt to hide the girly intentions of the story, giving the series an impressive emotional honesty, yet also did not take itself all that seriously. Pair this with a strong protagonist and downright gorgeous artwork, and we are left with a thoroughly engrossing series. However, Tokyopop's english edition is out-of-print and I literally could not find the fourth volumeof the 12-volume series. Also, the packaging of the T-pop edition is downright ugly, with confusing numbering, iffy image quality, and a garish attempt to downplay the girlyness, that as I mentioned before, is one of the best things about the series. So would you imagine my surprise when I walked into my local comic store this week and lo and behold, DARK HORSE HAS A NEW OMNIBUS EDITION! It is beautiful. I cried. It seems like the publishers really want to take all my moneys this week, because we also have Cross Game!, a series by Mitsuru Adachi, whose popularity in Shonen Sunday rivals The Great Rumiko Takahashi (who you may have noticed I'm a big fan of), yet has had only ONE out-of-print anthology published in english before.

School of Seven Bells is my favorite band. SVIIB are Ali Dhezra (lead vocals), Claudia Dhezra (back-up vocals), and Benjamin Curtis (most of the background stuff), and their music has a alluring, mystic sound that has a very unique quality. Well, guess WHAT!?!? Claudia has left the band, and they're now a group of two! (-_-) Sigh...

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