Monday, October 11, 2010

Music Videos That You Will Like 10/12/10

 This is not a very original idea for a blog post, and this may not be a regular feature. However, I plan to feature music videos from rather obscure bands, so this will be a fun experiment to see if this sort of thing can work on this blog.

 Hadag Nachash (The Fish Snake) are an Israeli hip-hop band, whose political lyrics (thank you, hebrew-speaking friends) and very hip beat have made them a personal favorite, and this vid is inarguably slick. And there are robots! Politics and robots are two of my favorite things in the whole wide world, FYI.

School of Seven Bells (or SVIIB, as the fans like to say) are a really amazing band. With their mystic vibe and layered sound, the Brooklyn group quickly became my favorite band OF ALL TIME. This video is pretty good, and basically sums up everything good (or bad! As I said, niche music) about SVIIB's music.

The South African band (notice a theme here) Freshlyground produced this video with the parody news site ZA News, and watching Zolani party with Zappiro-designed (have fun Wiki-ing) puppet versions of Zuma (and his wives), Mugabe, Mandela, and others is an absolute joy!

Surfer Blood are really rad rock band, who, and I say this having seen them live, are really just some dudes. This video is quite weird (I wonder who thought having the band dressed as Disney characters being mean was a good idea?), but I like weird, and one would be hard pressed to say that it is not inspired.

Happy viewer-ing!

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