Monday, March 21, 2011

Watch Evangelion, The Cat Demon Spirits Way!

Hello. This is a surprise. I had assumed that today, dear reader, I would put up another linkblog of GAINAX related stuff. But then, dear, precious nonexistent reader, I decided I would help you! With what? Well, with watching hours of anime, of course! And obviously, since this is my blog, the anime in question would be none other than...NEON GENESIS EVANGELION! You see, Eva is a very long show, now with multiple versions. This can be daunting to a new fan, but never fear! Because N, the blogger is here, here to help you, to guide your way through the world of Evangelion!!!

N-APPROVED OPTION 1: The Ideal Way To Watch Evangelion Is:
To, at least initially, have no idea what the show is, to happen upon it randomly, like I did. Unfortunately, this is now impossible for you, unless you happened upon this article by chance, in which case STOP READING NOW. However, for you who now knows, there is still...

1. Watch With a friend
Preferably, this is someone who is less/more of a geek than you. This may seem random, but trust me, you want someone to talk to about this show.

2. Subs, not Dubs
Normally, I'm a pro-dub type guy, but they messed up with this one and they messed up bad. Matt Greenfield's direction, while clearly passionate for the series, is just too over the top to convey the show's message, and Amanda Winn's dub of End of Evangelion is just insulting.

3. Episodes 21-23 are to be Watched in the Director's Cut Edition
There's over 10 minutes- half an episode- of new scenes in the DC, many of which explain previously unanswered elements of the storyline. Plus, the animation looks waaaaay better; you can tell GAINAX took the cheap route for the TV airing

4. Watch Both Endings
One must decide for himself/herself which is the better. I am personally partial to End of Evangelion.

5. You Don't Have to Watch all of Rebuild 1.11, but if you do...
Be aware that nothing will be new, and no new scenes appear until the sublime second half. Also, be sure to watch it in dub, because it is the highlight of the film!

6. Rebuild 2.22 is out Next Week; Rejoice!
Assuming you haven't hung yourself yet, you should be really happy about this. I saw this in theaters, possibly the best way to watch this; rent out a screening room if you can. Watch in sub, dub, or both, because the sub is excellent, and I have faith in Funimation. However, you probably have hung yourself. Did I mention I'm a ghost?

Don't be like V. Form your own opinions about the show.

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