Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sailor Moon!!!

 Are you wondering why a picture of a perky magical girl adorns the top of the website today? Why, haven't you heard the news? Sailor Moon is BACK! Yay...
Now, why are we supposed to care? I'm going to write this as if you don't know, even though there's a 50/50 chance you do. Back when manga was new to the US/Canada market, Sailor Moon was THE SH*T. The anime was aired (hideously censored, but still) on TV by 4kids, and a lot of people watched it! Its publication by Tokyopop, alongside the slightly less popular CLAMP title Magical Knight Rayearth, brought large groups of female readers, to perhaps all North American comics fandom for the first time since the pre-code days of romance comics.

However, the show had slightly less staying power (and merchandise) than Pokemon, and since this is Tokyopop we're talking about, the manga has been out of print for years... UNTIL NOW! In fact, not only is the previously minor company Kodansha USA giving us Sailor Moon in a new, better (hopefully) edition, we are also getting Codename: Sailor V, a dry run of sorts, a "prequel" published a year before Sailor Moon. This will make a lovely addition to my bookshelf, perhaps to accompany my copy of the first Cardcaptor Sakura omnibus, which looms over bedroom wall, menacingly...

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