Monday, March 14, 2011

More Linkblog: Daicon

Believe it or not, these two short films mark GAINAX's anime debut. They were created for the japanese sci-fi convention Daicon; the radish in III is a Daikon radish, get it? Daicon IV is the obvious masterpiece of the two, with eye-popping animation and mountains of inspired in-jokes. As Justin Sevakis says in his Buried Treasure column, "In this short five minutes, the entire essence of anime and its appeal can be found. For an otaku, it feels like you're seeing God." The two shorts have never had an official home video release due to numerous copyright infringements, namely the use of the Electric Light Orchestra song Twilight, but is easily tracked down on the interwebs. Note that I do not in any way support fansubs, but since this is the only way to watch this anime, I'll make an exception.

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