Saturday, August 13, 2011

JSM@CDS: The Experimental Labs of Horror! Evil Professor Monster

Episode 6: The Experimental Labs of Horror! Evil Professor Monster
MONSTER OF THE WEEK: Machine BEM Robacular: He can: Smell stuff, go BIG.

Yosuke, a childhood friend of Takuya's, went missing on a rock-climbing trip six months ago and is believed dead. So when Yosuke's girlfriend, Junko, tells Takuya he's returned, it comes as quite a shock. As it turns out, Yosuke was used in cruel experiments by the Iron Cross Army, where he saw many people killed on a whim and barely escaped. The Iron Cross Army plans to kill Yosuke because of his knowledge, and only Spiderman can save him!

After the fluff of the previous episode, this installment is shockingly dark. Within the first two minutes, two innocent people have been shot before our eyes. It seems as if Toei wanted to prove they could go for more nuanced storytelling. For the first time, The Iron Cross Army don't just seem evil, but evil. Any kiddie show super villain can steal some missiles, but killing people to resurrect them, experiment on them, and kill them again? Dang. Even Spiderman seems a bit grim here. Towards the end, he even pulls out a gun! If it weren't for the fact that this is a tv show for kids by the folks who brought you Power Rangers, this would have been less Adam West, and more Frank Miller. Kudos to whoever had the guts to write this into the series.

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