Sunday, August 7, 2011

JSM@CDS: Phantom Thief 001 Vs. Spiderman

Episode 3: Phantom 001 Vs. Spiderman
MONSTER OF THE WEEK: Machine BEM Genyouchu: He can: Shoot blinding light beams (at night), hypnotize people, go BIG.

In this episode, we learn why it is wrong to steal. It is wrong to steal because if you do, you might get arrested and cry, and then get kidnapped by a bug dude and be hypnotized. When the Phantom Thief "001" (Ishinomori reference?) is caught at last, the dreaded Iron Cross abducts him from the coppers and has their bug eyed Machine BEM Genyouchu brainwash him into believing he is Spiderman. When this Spiderman continues to steal, Takuya his alerted to the Iron Cross Army's latest threat...

There's not so much to say about this episode, really. Its one of the show's most self contained episodes (and this show is really self contained), with a cool bad guy, a great big robot fight, and a nice moral to top it off. The most I can say is that then episode is a lot of fun (as always) and will be enjoyed by fans of silver age comics, namely those Jules Shwartz DC comics where some really weird cases are resolved with some random fact about lime. And a really, really epic fight at the end BTW.

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