Saturday, August 13, 2011

JSM@CDS: The Ferocious Hit Song! Sing and Dance to the Killer Rock

Episode 7: The Ferocious Hit Song! Sing and Dance to the Killer Rock
MONSTER OF THE WEEK: Sasora: He can: Shoot poison arrows (!), cut stuff with his claws, go BIG.

A group of scientists develop a sensor that can detect the Iron Cross Army. Professor Monster orders that the machine be destroyed, but it is protected by Spiderman himself! But an opportunity presents itself when the hit band BB5 make a pop song about Spiderman, known as the Spiderman Boogie! The Iron Cross Army replaces the band members with evil cyborgs, whose amp makes a painful sound that can only be heard by spiders! Using their influence, The Iron Cross makes Spiderman Boogie the number 1 hit song in Japan, to the point that Takuya can no longer avoid that awful rock music!

Man, someone writing this show must really hate rock 'n' roll, or love BB5, I can't decide. Regardless, this is a very good episode. The concept is more than a little ludicrous, but is played almost completely straight, to very satisfying results. The song is pretty catchy, and the lyrics are almost as silly as the episode itself, which is saying something. The idea of an evil pop song resonated with me a lot, as it should for anyone with even OK taste in music, and now whenever I hear Bieber or Gaga's latest at a supermarket, I curse Professor Monster under my breath. The only real bone I have to pick with the episode is the Machine BEM's role in the story. While Sasora has plenty to do here, the Leopardon fight falls totally flat, as at this point Toei ran out of money and started using stock footage for the battles. This continues for the remaining 35 episodes of the series. Oh well.

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