Saturday, August 13, 2011

JSM@CDS: Strange Tales from the Past - The Cursed Cat Grave

Episode 8: Strange Tales from the Past - The Cursed Cat Grave
MONSTER OF THE WEEK: Cat Demon: No explanation necessary.

The Iron Cross army unearth the bones of a vampiric cat demon from the edo period, and resurrect it as a Machine BEM! Takuya looks like the samurai who killed the demon, and it's out for revenge! Can Spiderman save the day and solve the mystery of the dead cat lady's cat doll? And yes, that is essentially the entire plot.

In some ways, this is the worst episode of the entire series. Aside from the cat demon's flimsy motivatiuon, it's practically plotless, and having seen House, I can safely say that there are better stories with cat demons out there. However, I must give the show some credit. Without it, I would surely not be half as interested in Japan as I am today. The episode introduced me to the, uh, uniqueness of Japanese popular culture. In my mind, it remains a testament to the strangeness of cool Japan, and all the reasons I love it. But is it really that weird? As I rematch it today, I find the flashy evilness of the cat demon oddly commonplace, and the story tacky and uninteresting, but that crazy cat demon is responsible for the person I am today, and for that I am eternally grateful.
NNNNN or 0, take your pick

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