Sunday, August 7, 2011

JSM@CDS: A Strange World! A Man Who Follows His Destiny!

Episode 2: A Strange World! A Man Who Follows His Destiny!
MONSTER OF THE WEEK: Machine BEM Soutoukin: He Can: Create powerful blasts of wind (TEEHEE), Turn from a brain-thingie into a grasshopper-thingie, go BIG.

So a train is flipped over by a sudden unexpected burst of wind (heh heh...), killing and injuring many. One survivor claims to have seen something strange outside the train before the accident. Something not human. A giant floating brain with lasers, obviously. Takuya/Spiderman becomes suspicious of the Iron Cross Army having a part in the mysterious circumstances, and investigates with his photographer girlfriend Hitomi (Rika Miura). Plus, big robot action.

The episode stands on its own, but dedicated viewers are in for a treat. We get an expanded origin of Garia, Takuya's alien spider guru, that suitably expands and deepens (well, if you can call a show like this "deep") his background story to resounding effect. Some details are unnecessary and even harmful to the story's integrity (do we really need to know that 400 = 20 in spiderman years?), but in the best cases adds a lot to the story. The crowning achievement of the sequence would be the Garia vs. Professor Monster fight, which, aside from being awesome, gives us some insight into why Monster fears and hates Spiderman so much.

It should also be noted that this episode also probably has one of the best fight scenes of the entire series. Having seen the repetitive stock footage that comprises much of the series, it was a breath of fresh air to see this earlier, better budgeted episode. You have been warned.

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